My normal workshop programme has been on hold
due to covid-19 and restrictions on face-to-face meetings,
however it looks like I’ll be able to offer outdoor sessions from 12 April,
so if you would like to book a workshop on any of the topics below,
either in-person or online, please get in touch.


Alternatively, to arrange any of these workshops at a time that suits you

please contact me

Click here to download a copy of my workshop flyer.

  1. Feel Your Way from Stress into ‘Flow’

This workshop is aimed at supporting those who live or work in a stressful environment.  It covers topics such as:

  • tuning in to your body and getting present
  • relaxation tips
  • self care

To see more about what’s covered in this workshop click here.  

(Please contact me if you would like to book a workshop – I’m happy to tailor it to your specific situation.)

These workshops are also available online, on the first Sunday of every month from 10:00-13:00, via the Mind Body Soul Summits Get In The Habit Studio.

You can find details here.

“9/10.  Very Useful Information.  

Great to go away with techniques to use”


“10/10.  Everything in this workshop has been so useful
and relevant for me and my life at the moment. 
I feel motivated and lighter.

I will take this away and USE it.

I will be returning!”

2. Introduction to Energy Healing for your animal friends

This workshop is for those who would like to learn how to use Energy Healing with their own animals. This helps to support recovery from illness or injury and is also great for general wellbeing, particularly as our pets get older.  Topics include:

  • what is Energy Healing and how does it work?
  • preparing for and carrying out an Energy Healing session (including practical hands-on experience)
  • how to close an Energy Healing session

To see further information about what’s included in this workshop click here.  

Please contact me if you would like to book and/or discuss tailoring a workshop to your requirements.

“Attending the Healing Workshop with Robyn and her Horses was one of the most enlightening, amazing and humbling experiences of my life.  It has had a profound effect on me, in a positive way and has awakened a deep desire in me to learn and experience more about healing and especially with horses.”

3. Holistic Wellbeing for Dogs & Cats

Does your family include a beloved four-legged friend?  Would you like to learn some holistic ways to care for their health and wellbeing?  If so, then this workshop is for you.  Here you can explore species appropriate nutrition, and what makes your animal tick, so that you can help to keep them healthy and happy, and enjoy a deep and lasting bond.

To see what’s covered in this workshop, please click here.

4. Develop a better understanding of your animal friend

Have you often wondered what your animal is thinking ?
Have you wanted to ask them a question but not known how?
Would you like to know  their favorite food or toy, or if they are in pain?
Well, you can!
In this workshop we explore facial expression and body language and also how  to tune in to your animal in order to connect on this deeper level.

To see what’s covered in this workshop, click here.

5. If horses could talk…

Does your horse suffer from recurring health or behavioral issues?  Is this starting to impact on other areas of your life and taking up time and money that could be better spent on other things?

These workshops help you discover an even deeper understanding of the needs of your beautiful animal, and what he is communicating to you, so that the two of you can work together in greater harmony.

The video below gives an overview of the issues covered in the workshops.

(Technology isn’t my strong point, but it was so important to me to get this out to you, as I know that this could make such a difference to you and your horse.)

To find out more, or to book, please contact me.

*Please note these workshops are also available to buy, as a series of videos 

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“10/10  Well structured, well thought out workshop. 

Good visuals.”

6. From Mindfulness to Beingfulness

Mindfulness’ has become a common concept these days and many people are benefiting greatly from this practice, however I feel that we can go further…

I believe we need to remember that we are more than just our mind: we are Mind, Body & Spirit.

Even these divisions are artificial and it’s not actually possible to draw a line separating one from the other.  Also each element contains others within it. But in order to be more holistic and balanced, I believe that we at least need to look at this wider picture in order to fully support our wellbeing.

I have therefore come up with the concept of ‘Beingfulness‘ which takes a step on from Mindfulness, and looks at how we can use this practice to step more fully into the joy and freedom of being our authentic Self.

In this new course, I look at what I mean by this term, and how we can use it to develop a deeper understanding of ourselves and of how to support our wellbeing.

You can see more about this in my blog post.

Having done a small survey on what might fit in with most people’s schedules, I’m currently offering this as 2 half-day morning workshops, one week apart.  However, as with all my workshops, if the timings don’t work for you, and you would like to attend, please contact me and we can arrange something to suit you.

I look forward to supporting you
in creating greater balance, connection and flow 
for you and your animals
Robyn Harris

Workshop space

The room here at EQUENERGY is a cosy and intimate space, allowing you to ask the questions that matter to you in a safe and supportive environment. 

I like to keep the numbers small, meaning that there is time to focus on the issues that are relevant to you and your situation.

Alternatively, if you have a group of people who would like to attend a workshop together, and you can book a suitable venue, then I am happy to travel (within reasonable distance – please contact me to discuss).