Animal Care

If you are caring for an animal who is experiencing health or behavioural issues,

we can look at ways to release any tensions that are keeping them from the full and happy life that you would want them to enjoy. 

I offer bespoke wellbeing packages which draw on a range of energy work 

and also consider the lifestyle and diet of the animal.  

Here I will look in more detail at 2 of the therapies that I use: 

energy healing and equine massage.

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Could your animal benefit from some energy healing?

Energy healing in its many forms has become a very popular way for people to enjoy deep relaxation and enhanced wellbeing.  If you are an animal carer and have experienced this sense of peace for yourself, you might have wondered if your furry / feathered / scaly friend would benefit from some healing too.  The answer is a definite Yes!

Energy healing works with the life-force energy, enabling the body to fully relax, which in turn allows healing to take place on many levels.  This makes it a very powerful therapy – and it has no negative side effects.

Animals are particularly receptive to energy healing as they are generally very open and accepting, without the conditioned concerns that we humans often experience.

Robyn is an excellent graduate of the Diploma in Animal Healing and a contributor to the Healing Animals Organisation... She will use her extensive consultation skills and knowledge of animal husbandry and environmental factors to help promote wellness and enhance the bonds of love and trust between animals and carers.
Elizabeth Whiter
Healing Animals Organisation

Energy Healing:

  • involves the transfer of natural energy
  • relaxes and re-energises
  • stimulates self-healing ability
  • is non-invasive — there is no physical manipulation or massage involved.  Only a light touch is used

 It can be used to support many issues including:

  • the immune system
  • cell repair
  • detoxification
  • enzyme function
  • oxygen uptake
  • absorption of nutrients
  • wound repair
  • pain relief
  • balancing
  • release of endorphins
  • a sense of wellbeing and calm

So, what can you expect from a typical healing session?

When working with an animal, it’s helpful for me to begin by getting some information about the them and the environment in which they live.    

It’s good to have some fresh water available as healing works best when the body’s cells are well hydrated.  Animals are in tune with this need and will often drink during a session.

I spend a few moments being quiet before putting my hands on or near the animal to begin healing. 

Sometimes an animal can get restless initially.  This is often a sign that they are processing and releasing tension.

Throughout the session I watch the animal, taking my cue from them on where on their body they would like me to work and how long they would like the session to last.


After the session
After having healing it is advisable, where possible, for the animal to take it easy for the rest of the day, so no long walks for dogs or rides for horses.

It is also advisable for them to eat lightly – no overly large or hard to digest meals.  And remember to give them access to plenty of fresh water.

It can take up to 48 hours for the effects to fully work through their system.


Senior / ill animals

One area in which healing is especially helpful is when an animal is getting older or has been given a life limiting diagnosis.  Healing can support you both during this time, helping you to share a special closeness and to make the most of the time you have together, through this challenging period, and beyond. 

If you find yourself in this situation you might like to download my leaflet on bereavement and loss.

You can also click here to access the Pet Wellbeing Resource Library


Horses are my main passion! 

They are a little different from most of the other animals that share our lives, for several reasons:

  • their size – most horses are much bigger than the average ‘pet’
  • their nature as a herd animal
  • the nature of our interaction with them, particularly riding


Horses pick up on what we are feeling and their behaviour can reflect this back to us.  This means it can be very beneficial to share an energy healing session with your horse.  Not only will it help you both to feel relaxed and promote wellbeing, it will also enhance the bond of love and trust between you. 

Robyn has such a wealth of experience and ethical way of working, it would even benefit the most experienced of horse owners.
Maria Foxwell

Equine Massage

Massage is a wonderful therapy which uses stroking and kneading techniques to encourage your horse to enter into a calm state.  This allows his body to go into its Rest and Repair mode, supporting healthy digestion, recovery from illness or injury and general wellbeing.


Does your horse suffer from any of the following:

  • areas of tightness in the body
  • stiffness in the joints
  • scar tissue
  • loss of muscle tone
  • poor circulation


If so, this massage will help to:

  • loosen the muscles
  • increase joint mobility
  • break down scar tissue
  • increase circulation helping to remove toxins and bring in vital oxygen and nutrients


Also, if your horse is:

  • nervous
  • unused to human touch
  • anxious in certain situations
  • showing behavioural issues

this massage can help, as it is very soothing and calming.  It also encourages the release of endorphins, those ‘feel-good’ hormones, which can help your horse to be relaxed and happy.


In addition this massage is a great support to general wellbeing as it:

  • promotes healthy digestion
  • strengthens the immune system
  • supports skin suppleness
  • deepens respiration
  • encourages lymph drainage
  • helps to decrease heart rate and blood pressure
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