The Wellbeing Process

We often look at illness as something 'going wrong' ...
What if instead we could see it as valuable information?
Robyn Harris

My passion is in helping people to uncover the root cause of any dis-ease they are experiencing, so that it can be addressed directly.  I support you in understanding what’s going on in your body and how you can turn things around so that you start to work with your body again.

Our bodies are amazing, intelligent systems that hold all the resources they need in order to be well, it’s just that sometimes we aren’t able to access these effectively.

Dis-ease is actually part of a very natural, normal and healthy process! It’s the body’s way of adapting to some form of trauma or stress – and the symptoms we experience hold the clues that can help us to learn and change, so that we can grow and move forward into greater self-understanding, compassion and wellbeing.

I like to think of it as finding that wonderful ‘Aahhh!‘ of coming home to yourself, of feeling comfortable within your own skin and knowing yourself as the beautiful and wonder-full being that you truly are.

Through my own journey I have come to understand that this change happens from the inside out.  Growth, healing and transformation all start WITHIN!

I teach how the beliefs we hold, the stories we buy into, our relationship with our body, and the level of soul certainty and confidence we have within, all play a vital role in how we support ourselves and our wellbeing!

When we operate from a place of trust, knowing, owning our worth, honouring our boundaries and truly believing in ourselves… it opens a doorway for real magic to happen!

Working with me I help you to put a strong foundation in place, and to learn the tools and techniques that will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of your inner Self.  We also explore your relationship to your inner and outer environment to support you in creating an uplifting and sustainable self-care practice that will help you in manifesting the life and the future that you dream of.

To help kick start this process, I’d love to share with you my ‘W-I-L-D way to start feeling better – right now!‘  This offers 4 simple steps that you can follow to help shift you into a more uplifted energy – and stay there.  Just click on the image below to access the document and download your copy.

I’m passionate about all of this because, years ago, I was in a very low place and couldn’t find the support I was looking for.  In the end, I realised that I was the only one who could make things better, and that by taking ownership and accountability I would be developing great tools for my own personal growth.  Also, I could do it my way – and make it FUN!

We are all unique, each with our own particular gifts to share, and I love supporting others as they get clearer on who they really are and how they can create a life of greater balance, alignment and abundance – right now!

My own journey led me to back to the things that bring me joy: Nature and animals. For years I had disconnected from these vital parts of myself, telling myself they were unimportant, but then I realised that they are actually what makes my heart sing!  

Reconnecting with our passions gives us a renewed energy and zest for life. It also has great benefits for our health when we listen to our body’s inner wisdom and follow the things that bring us joy.

  • What things cause you to light up on the inside, and how might you include more of these in your life? 
  • Is there anything that stops you from doing this? 
  • Would you like to explore ways in which you can better understand and support yourself, in order to feel happier and healthier?
The body doesn't make mistakes, it makes the adaptations it believes it needs to make in order to feel 'safe'
Robyn Harris

If you feel drawn to it, your Transformational Journey can include the opportunity to spend time
sharing space and energy with our 2 horses, Dakota (Dax) and Ulrike (‘Rika).  

These beautiful animals offer a gentle, non-judgmental presence that can support us
in exploring issues that are having an impact on our lives.  

If you would like to know more about this, please  get in touch.

A friend had this to say after her visit to this magical place:​

“I was very fortunate to visit Robyn in her new home… Starts with a magical climb through beech woods … a single-track road climbs gently past village cottages, then over an old canal bridge … on upwards still, the trees close around you in a gentle hug … then this beautiful cottage, tucked back off this very ancient woodland road, shines out. If that’s not enough to calm your insides and set all negative emotions of the day free, the eyes catch a breathtaking view of the mountain beyond … this mountain is shrouded at the base with even more beech trees … so old, three people could link arms and hug their bases … looking upwards the bracken fades to rock, then those rocks hit the sky where soaring birds on the thermals are flying.
… this place will set you free and many others that come and see. Time means nothing … there are no rules, no pressures … this place will be soul-quenching … really a place to let go”