The Transformational Journey – First Steps


dream of living a Life of purpose 

feeling fulfilled

being true to yourself

and experiencing the wellbeing and vitality

that you know could be yours…?

You’ve found the right place if:

  • You’re a pioneer, a light-worker, someone who is ready to make a difference… both in your own life and the life of others.
  • You’re ready to stop trying to fit in to please others, and instead step into the joy and freedom of being true to your best Self. 
  • You’re looking for clear and simple steps that you can take to transform your life, but they need to feel aligned and a good ‘fit’ for you as an individual.
  • You long to move from stress and ‘striving’, into a life where things flow to you easily and naturally.
  • You’re ready to step up to your next level and allow your light to shine.
  • You want to shift from a feeling of scarcity into an abundance mindset where you know that the world is full of potential and possibilities and that the Universe supports you.
  • You’re ready to explore your beliefs, releasing those that no longer serve you and replacing them with more supportive and uplifting thoughts.
  • You’re ready to delve deep, gain an understanding of what is going on in your body and learn how to hear and interpret the messages it’s giving you in order to create a life of greater balance, wellbeing and vitality.

Sound familiar?

  • For some time now you’ve been dreaming of a new and better Life, but when you look around, very little seems to be changing.
  • Yes, you’ve been searching, and making changes, but they haven’t yet led to the shift that you long for.
  • You know that you have a purpose, and that you have so much to give and to share
  • You’re passionate about creating change and moving towards a new way of living that supports the wellbeing of all without causing harm to others, or the planet.
  • This desire is real, and strong, and beneath the doubts, there is a soul certainty that has kept you going.
  • As much as you might sometimes want to fight for your passions, you know that this is not sustainable and you sense that there must be a better way.
  • You long to Be the change you want to see in the world, and you are 100% committed to this transformation, but the action you take must be congruent with your beliefs and values.

You crave a sense of PURPOSE and DIRECTION in your life.

You long for the FREEDOM to live in the way that’s right for YOU.

You want to give your BEST to those around you.

And you want to feel the JOY and VITALITY of living in Soul Alignment.

You’re ready to let go of the struggle:

  • No more searching, uncertainty, second guessing, or feeling that you’re going round in circles. It’s time to feel confident and clear and take the action that’s right for YOU!
  • No more frustration with making changes that aren’t effective. Discover the root cause underlying any health issues and / or limiting beliefs and take targeted action to release these and replace them with more supportive practices and thoughts, allowing you to achieve the results you long for.
  • No more holding yourself back from the Life you know could be yours. It’s time to know that you are enough, and you have been born into this place and time to share your unique gifts with those around you!
  • You now feel ready to open yourself to the flow of abundance that the Universe longs to share with you, and in turn to inspire others through your transformation.
  • No more comparison and worry that you will never experience the wellbeing and ease that you long for.  Give yourself permission to experience the growth that will enable you to feel fabulous, free and fulfilled.

So how do you make this dream a reality

and step into the Life you know could be yours? 

Over the years of exploring for myself what it means to be Me and how to more fully share this with the world, along with the many people and animals I have supported in doing the same, I have discovered AMAZING tools and techniques that you can use to enable you to step into the JOY and FREEDOM of living a life that’s true to you, while also experiencing a greater sense of balance, wellbeing and flow.

As a Soul Alignment Mentor, I believe deeply that this change happens from the inside-out.  Growth, healing and transformation, all start WITHIN!

This is the foundation that my 4 pillars of Soul Aligned Living rest upon.

Putting this foundation in place and learning the tools and techniques that will enable you to develop a deeper understanding of your Self and your relationship to your inner and outer environment will allow you to create a beautiful and sustainable practice that will help you in manifesting the life and the future that you dream of.

Gone are the days of giving your power away to others in the hopes of finding the answers you’ve been searching for.  Instead you will discover that you have the resources within yourself to identify, create and manifest all you need for your personal growth.  Learn to connect more deeply with your body and its inner wisdom and let your intuition teach you how to SHINE!



The beliefs you hold, the stories you buy into, your relationship with your body, the soul certainty and confidence you have within you, all play a vital role in how you support yourself and your wellbeing!

When you operate from a place of trust, knowing, owning your worth, honouring your boundaries and truly believing in YOU….it opens a doorway for real magic to happen.

We will be:

  • Tapping into your inner wisdom and intuition.
  • Awakening all the amazing POTENTIAL you have inside of you.
  • Exploring your dreams and visions and shifting YOU into the person who makes them REAL!
  • RELEASING those limiting beliefs, stories and doubts that hold you back

It’s time for YOU to SHINE!

The 4 Pillars of Soul Aligned Living:


“To be wild is not to be crazy or psychotic. 
True wildness is a love of Nature, a delight in silence,
a voice free to say spontaneous things,
and an exuberant curiosity in the face of the unknown.”     
Robert Bly

Pilar 1 – W

Embrace the joy of Wonder

Pilar 2 – I

Trust Your Intuition

  • We will explore how embracing the joy of wonder – of seeing the world again with fresh eyes and feeling delight at its beauty – can be so liberating!
  • For me, this is about rekindling that child-like Beginner’s Mind, where we can view the world with openness and curiosity and without judgement.
  • We will look at:
    • the practice of gratitude and how this can bring deep healing
    • leaning more into what it means to be You, and playing with ways to express this and share it with the world, unapologetically, with power and love
    • embracing your vulnerability in order to connect with your strength
    • reconnecting with Nature and beginning to tap into the many teachings she offers
    • giving ourselves permission to forgive ourselves, show compassion to ourselves, and also to laugh and express our quirky sense of humour.

Trying to fit in to please others is exhausting and sucks the life from your soul!

Rather than giving your power away, we want you to be reclaiming your uniqueness and shining your own wonder-full and beautiful light!

Stop feeling small and start owning your radiance!

  • Learn the tools and techniques that allow you to tune in to your body in order to access its wisdom and knowing. Discover more of what it means to be You and start to own the wonderful and unique gifts that you have within.
  • Open up to all the amazing opportunities that the Universe is bringing to you every day.
  • See possibilities and potential where before there seemed to be only blocks.

I will teach you super simple methods to:  

  • Really hear and understand the messages your body is offering you.
  • Respond to these more quickly and effectively. 
  • Further develop your spiritual connection with your Highest Self and with the World around you.

Pilar 3 – L

Love Yourself as You Are

Pilar 4 – D

Learning to Dance with Life

YES, it’s time to step up, own your radiance, and let your light shine……but we’re going to be doing this in a grace-full and aligned way!

We’ll be going in deep, exploring old beliefs that are no longer serving you, and supporting you to release them. 

There will be challenges, but there will also be lots of learning, growth and FUN! 😊

Loving your life starts with loving your Self, and this starts with connecting in, getting to know yourself in new and exciting ways and coming to see what a beautiful, amazing and wonder-full creation you really are!

From here, you are able to open more fully to all the fabulous and abundant gifts that the Universe is longing to shower on you.

Feel yourself move from stress and overwhelm into ever more ease and flow.

See how old blocks start to fall away allowing things to fall into place for you more smoothly and with less effort.

As your light begins to shine more brightly, you attract to yourself all the opportunities, connections and resources you need, to start manifesting the vision of how you would like your Life to be.

You will also begin to inspire others to love themselves and to radiate that love out to everything and everyone that they touch, creating a ripple that will spread across the globe – a wave of love for every creature and for this beautiful Earth that is our home.

Life can be messy at times but, when you can learn to move to the beat of your own heart, you discover that there is great beauty in the variety of colours, tempos and steps that we discover along the way.

It is a dance with our Inner Self, to learn more about who we are at our core, beneath all the conditioning we absorbed as we were growing up.  Our Soul Self knows us intimately – our desires, needs, dreams and fears – and also knows exactly what we need in order to grow and blossom.  The Dance, then, is exploring how to match our steps to this inner guide, to let it lead us with passion, courage and beauty.  It’s about learning to let go of resistance and instead release to the grace and harmony we find in our own inner balance.

Start to enjoy Life again, and to celebrate each step along the way.

Learn how to:

  • Shift yourself out of stress and overwhelm and into ease and flow.
  • Reconnect with the joy, lightness and freedom of expression of your Soul Self.
  • Build up a more supportive and uplifting daily practice. 

Taking Your First Steps

Working together we will find the root causes underlying the feelings you’re experiencing at the moment, so that together we can explore some gentle ways to start shifting those blocks and rebuilding from a place of feeling calm, where you can start to tune in to your intuition, getting a deeper understanding of your worth and knowing that you can tackle all that life throws at you, even long after we’ve finished working together.

Does that sound like a place you’d like to get to?

Well, it’s actually a very simple process which I would guide you through, step by step.

  • We start by exploring your timeline to uncover the root cause(s) behind your physical, emotional, thought or belief issues.   We will also look at what has led you to this point in your life, how things are for you in your current situation and what you are hoping to achieve within this transformational journey.
  • From this I will put together a detailed report for you.
  • This report contains simple, achievable steps that you can take to begin transforming your life, bringing in all aspects of you as a unique individual – physical, cognitive, emotional, social and spiritual.
  • We then begin to put these steps into action, at the pace that’s right for you and in ways that suit your characteristics / learning style, drawing on the wisdom of nature, energy techniques and simple lifestyle changes that you can make to support the shifts you’re seeking to achieve.

I love to connect and I’m always happy to answer questions on any of this, so if it feels like it’s resonating for you and you’d like to explore a little further, then I’m only a message away.

If, after a chat, we both feel that you’re ready to take the first steps on your Transformational Journey, wonderful!  If not, you’ll still have increased clarity on how to reconnect with the wonder of you just from having a conversation.


20-minute create your vision call with Robyn

Together we will start this transformational journey with a call

to clarify your vision of what you are hoping to achieve

for your health, direction and purpose

over the coming weeks!

If you’ve been reading this
feeling a tingle of excitement, a stirring of curiosity, and a desire to
start YOUR Transformational Journey,
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Here’s just a glimpse of what my people have to say about working with me:

Robyn coached me through a difficult time. Even though I’m a therapist myself, when in trouble I needed support.


Robyn was my spokeswoman, helping to put my thoughts and feelings into words and so making my inner voice physically hearable. Having her deep understanding of my personality gave me ease and hope when I needed it most. It wasn’t just her listening skills, but also her perspective and interpretation of my situation which opened my eyes to a different reality from the one that was in my head at the time. It was such an enriching experience to share with her everything which occupied my mind:

my insights through reading books,

events from my life which seemed to be metaphorical,

surprising signs from universe,

troublesome and joyful events and memories.


I’m really grateful that I was able to have her support in my personal development and healing journey.

In my opinion, Robyn is an Enabler; an amazing listener, coach and teacher and her humility – for me – is what makes her so special. … she helped me realise that I had, in fact, experienced times in my life before where I had been [following my passion]. I understood what she meant as we discussed different experiences I had been through and it made me feel really connected to the new path that I wanted to take. Robyn’s passion and belief in what she does is infectious, and I felt it.


I will always be grateful to Robyn for the experiences she shared with me, in a safe and loving environment … She taught me so much and awakened my soul and mind in many ways. What I came away with, was the belief that I could be whomever I wanted to be: an intuitive Healer who can help rehabilitate animals in need – from neglect/abuse.


I learn much more from those who have humility – like Robyn – as I know that I can be myself; it is the greatest of all gifts. …


I highly recommend her to anyone, as I believe you will not be disappointed.

If you’d like to download a brochure about this Transformational Journey, please click on the image below.