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The following is a list of resources to support the wellbeing of our animal friends

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First Aid Kit and CPR for Pets

A great starting point for those who wish to educate themselves about pet first aid.


20 Foods Poisonous to Dogs and Cats

Certain foods can lead to a variety of health problems for your pets. Don’t let your dog or cat get their paws on any of these dangerous foods.

17 Plants Poisonous to Pets

Beware: some of the prettiest household decorations can actually be the most lethal to pets. Protect your pets by avoiding anything on this list.

Understanding Cat Aggression Towards People

It’s important to note that aggressive behaviours are part of the normal behavioural patterns of almost any animal species. However, because aggressive cats can be dangerous, it’s important to educate yourself in an effort to help your furry friend.

The Do’s and Don’ts of Introducing Cats

If you plan to introduce your cat to a feline friend, follow this time-tested, step-by-step recipe to a T to give you the best chance for a smooth integration.

Temperament and Personality Tests for Dogs

Learn your puppy’s personality in order to predict (and therefore better manage or mitigate) potential problems.

How to Introduce Your New Dog to Your Other Pets

Remember that introductions are a process that requires care and patience; this is not a one-time encounter.

How to Be a Safety-Minded Dog Owner

Learn ways to improve obedience and reduce any anxiety or potential aggression, particularly when your dog is in a new or over stimulating environment.


Preparing Your Pet for Baby

Read on for 9 ways to prevent future rivalry between your furry friend and your newborn.

Should You Sleep With Your Pet? Health Risks and Benefits

There are both risks and benefits to this common practice. Learn more here.

Exercise & Activities for Dogs and Cats

While nutrition is a cornerstone of pet health, so too is exercise. Learn great exercises and activities for your dogs and cats to help keep them fit.

Pet Safety: Leaving Your Dog or Cat Home Alone

Learn what precautions to take to make sure your house is safe and secure for your pet while you’re away.

How to Find a Sitter for my Dog with Special Needs

If your pet has special needs, it can be particularly difficult to find a qualified pet sitter. Here’s what you should look for and how to find it.

You can also find some great information on First Aid for Dogs here at