Podcast appearances

I had the most wonderful time chatting with the amazing Odette Woods – an incredible, wise and very beautiful soul.  I highly recommend checking out her coaching and mentoring work, and also her books – they will touch your heart!

I was honoured and delighted recently to chat with the lovely Sarah Booth-Henry for her podcast Stories of Survival in the Modern Age.

I so enjoyed chatting with Stacy Every and Eric Almeida on the Take A Breather podcast!  

It’s well worth taking a look at their site: Take A Breather

It was great to chat with Paul Harvey of Life Passion & Business!

“The Life Passion & Business mission is to explore what it takes to be extraordinary; to face challenges and rejoice in the opportunities they bring; and expand our vision into new ways of thinking and living.”

I very much enjoyed chatting with Toby Pasman of Roscoe’s Wetsuit Neuro about my role as a Soul Alignment Mentor 

It was wonderful to chat with the fabulous Sue Allsworth of Mind Body Soul Summits and David Finch of Life and Soul Radio, talking about self-care habits, trust and Being You

Talking with Jamie McAnsh of See No Bounds about self-care and wellbeing in business.

Chatting with Ron Clark of Chat and Spin radio about how I came to set up Equenergy: Wellbeing Naturally.

I’m introduced at about 16 mins 10 secs into the recording.

Chatting with Jamie McAnsh of See No Bounds about volunteering, wellbeing and the wonderful FAST project – Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma – offering emotional support to all those working in the covid-19 frontline.

I’ve also been a guest on several Lives with See No Bounds on their Facebook page discussing various topics:

Feel Your Way from Stress into Flow workshops
Virtually hug your Virtual Assistant Day
Volunteers Week
Talking about one of my 'Cwtch' events
Pivoting my business during the covid pandemic
Live@5 Roadshow (some tech issues but the quality improves)
National Walking Month
Complementary Therapy Week
Global Leaders In Wellbeing Week