I very much enjoyed chatting with Toby Pasman of Roscoe’s Wetsuit Neuro about my role as a Soul Alignment Mentor 

It was wonderful to chat with the fabulous Sue Allsworth of Mind Body Soul Summits and David Finch of Life and Soul Radio, talking about self-care habits, trust and Being You

Talking with Jamie McAnsh about self-care and wellbeing in business.

Chatting with Ron Clark of Chat and Spin radio about how I came to set up Equenergy: Wellbeing Naturally.

I’m introduced at about 16 mins 10 secs into the recording.

Chatting with Jamie McAnsh of See No Bounds about volunteering, wellbeing and the wonderful FAST project – Frontline Assistance for Stress and Trauma – offering emotional support to all those working in the covid-19 frontline.