Going Deeper

Building on the first steps of Your Transformational Journey, this programme allows you to go even deeper into understanding the relationship between your body, stress, dis-ease and wellbeing.

We will explore more about your particular situation and the tools that you can develop to support your greater alignment, freedom and joy.

What you get:

  • Tailored wellbeing sessions every 2-4 weeks, as you develop your Soul Alignment practice and begin to explore more of what this means for you as an individual

  • Sessions will focus on:
    • discussing how things are going in your practice
    • accountability
    • reviewing your goals and refining the vision of the Life you want to live
    • answering any questions you might have
    • exploring any further issues that have arisen, or new layers that have been revealed as you start to release old stresses
    • areas of further development

I’m ready to go to the next level!

I’d like to book a block of 5 sessions.

I’m really excited to go deeper!

I’d like to book a block of 10 sessions