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    The postcode here is NP7 9LD, however this will only take you part of the way to our location and so I highly recommend following the directions below:


    Come in to Oak Lane from the A4042 as this approach is less steep and the road surface is much better.


    We’re about 1.5 miles up the lane, so continue on past Oak Hill Farm, bearing right at all the junctions on the way. 


    Go over the canal bridge and carry on up the hill. 


    A little less than a mile from the bridge, you’ll pass a house called The Birches on the right and a green salt box on the left. 


    We’re the second entrance on the left after that and you’ll see the signs at the end of the drive (see images below).  


    If you have any problems, just give me a ring (07980 669303).


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