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** Important Announcement **

Here at Equenergy, your wellbeing is paramount,
and so while the Coronavirus precautions are in place 
all sessions and workshops will be run online via video call, 
rather than face-to-face.

Use code ‘CVDiscount on Eventbrite for 25% off all workshops


If you work in the NHS / Care, I’m part of the 

Frontline Assistance for Stress & Trauma (FAST) project 

offering free one-to-one support sessions.  

Please click here to find out more.

combining the concepts of equilibrium and energy to benefit wellbeing

"It's only by living in connection with the Nature around us,
and our own inner nature,
that we can fully experience balance, harmony and vitality.

This is true both for ourselves, and for the animals in our care.
Robyn Harris
Equenergy: Wellbeing Naturally


I hope my website can begin to answer some of the questions that have brought you here, 

but if not, please get in touch.


I love holding a safe and nurturing space in which to gently and intuitively inspire others 

to reconnect with their sense of joy, freedom and love of Life.


Ask yourself:

       Are you feeling that now is the time to set aside limiting beliefs in order to move forward with a sense of alignment and flow?

       Would you like to live each day to its fullest and to bring joy and wonder back into your life?

–     Do you want to replace stress and overwhelm with a sense of freedom and autonomy? 

If so, I can help…

I believe it’s so important to understand how our thoughts and beliefs impact on our wellbeing, and how our bodies respond to these and to the world around us.

Having this knowledge enables you to make the choices that will best support you.  

Our pain and dis-ease alert us to our inner knowing that there are things in our lives that aren’t serving us.  They also hold the wisdom that can teach us what these things are and how to let them go, in order to step into Who We Really are with power and grace.  

Together we can explore the issues that are holding you back or keeping you stuck in patterns that no longer serve you.  

We can then look at how you can reconnect with the things that uplift you, revitalise you and ‘make your heart sing.’


“The way that one of Robyn’s  horses looked into my eyes, engaged with me and dived straight down into my soul and my heart, 

was incredible and felt to me like a divine moment; a miracle, 

such a gentle experience but like a re-birth almost. 

To share my whole self with such a beautiful creature – both inside and out – was amazing.”

Cherry Carter

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